Go Lost in Lust.

Hasin Arefin Khan

Go Lost in Lust.

Who are you? If you think about it, you would find your life is just much as long as any twinkling star in the sky. As long a star takes to make the single blink to your eyes, to that very star this is how long your lifespan is. Fascinating, right? And it over all too soon. The time it makes the bit of sense when you are in Love.When you are all lost in it. Let’s talk about it.

If not entirely then partially you are what your sexual identity let you stand. Go lost in it.

Let me expound this to you. This is simple. The moment you find your loved one, go lost in LUST with her. Go lost with LUST in her. Just remember there are only 2 kinds of LUST. And you wanna do it right. Regardless the number of participants at any given time of your life. Let’s start.

One, when you or her, basically anyone comes first then the other. If your hard work suffices to convert all the years-long textual and graphical studying sessions on the internet nonsense, can make her come first then you go live in the moment of her life. A moment she was waiting for until the last night or last time. or better even her entire life. The moment she yearns for the tightest hug taking away breath from the top of her lungs. The moment she wants to go lost in somewhere, where the idea of conscious and unconsciousness fades away, where her mind takes over her body for the immense flood of joyous that You just gave her. She is giving you herself away with nothing holding back. Now all she wants You. To wrap all around her. Take her. Hide her. Hide the face she has right now the moment. The most personal moment of her life. She doesn’t wanna show this particular facial expression of her to anybody. But you. this is she in her most personal spirited zone. She wants You in there. If your luck goes on, she would want you to be that zone for her. And you? Not Done Yet. Busy, now for your turn. Making soggy but still dry humping paving for your eruption. This ain’t bad at all. You need your satisfaction just as much the same. It is important too. Heck, the whole marriage industry is living on that. But what do you know about the best thing you are missing? You are missing her. the signature moment of love. You are with her the closest you two can possibly be. Right here right now. Amazing, mesmerising things can be done now.

And, there is the other case if you come first, well that’s just plain sad news there. Bad experience. That’s not LUST, my friend, that’s just yanking waiting for sadness to come out at the end.

Enough of that, now. Come the 2nd one. The only best one. When you two sink in the very mixture of fluids you two made together. The divine, the magical fluid. Capable of bringing a functional life. Capable of mirroring the best genetic mixture of everything best about you two. Great that is. When you sense her clinching, drawing you the tattoo of honour all over your back with the nail she had been taking the cautious amount of care all day, all her life for this moment. To gift you the scar of glory. And you my friend you are the clock ticker. Let her face hid by covering your face all over her face and you face be hidden wrapping her face around. You who have made it happen. You are the time. You are drawing the eternity. You are designing this whole synchronisation. You do not need to hold it longer than her. Long as much as hers. Take off with her, then fly together… the rest of the night. And if you two are young enough with every odds adding up, take off many times a night, many, many, many times a week. Make it your thing. Live young ever after with blooming shimmering light beaming of you two. That’s LOVE, my friend. That’s LUST, my friend, Go lost in that LUST.

Lose yourself in something that is Perennial. This is Ancient.

Find something Perpetual, Eternal. Go Lost in LUST.

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