One message per letter for Humanity.

Hasin Arefin Khan

One message per letter for Humanity.

If you haven’t read anything else lately, read this. Let me state something very bluntly, as my frustration has reached a fever pitch now for all the randoms on matters that are as serious as can be, here is an Open Letter heart to heart with each human out there… one message per letter of the English Alphabet. Hope you all give it a read.

A. I am a Deist. Not a nominal Muslim, but Allah’s adoring one, Hanafi Sunni Sufi Muslim ritual practitioner, who is honoured to have his heritage straight up to my Prophet Muhammad himself.

B. I am a Human. Just like everybody else. I have friends from all walks of life. I have loads of Hindu friends, real close ones too. I have tonnes of Christian friends as well. More than I can count. And Jews as well, so many. Not to mention Buddhists and Atheists too.

C. I love them with all my heart and not even for once have I looked at them with the eyes to their backgrounds. They are friends to me. Humans. I read up extensively about their culture, about their religions, read their religious books. I love several aspects of their religious (and areligious) ideologies and implement some of them in my life too.

D. Yes, I go out with all of them, don’t mind when they drink, don’t mind if they eat pork, though I would never consume. I have more lady friends than I can count and I am honoured to be in their company. I have Muslim lady friends, much practising some are even more than me yet humanist as I am. We mingle up.

E. I am an artiste. I devour artworks, drama-theatrics, music. I don’t mind bold elements in artistic representations, as long as they sing the song of life in the big picture.

F. I maintain my tenets and do my best to follow the words that were the most importantly imparted: compassion, empathy, camaraderie, love. I respect the man, the women at equal.

G. I am not alone in this. I am not the only one. No. Not at all. Not a single Muslim friend or associate I know – boy or girl – has ever shown the slightest of hostility. Nor do more than 1 billion other Muslims. We never meet people who are non-Muslims and judge them and show resentment toward them.

H. There are more than 1 billion of us Muslims who are literate, sophisticated, and well endowed with societal etiquette. The first word in the Holy Qur’an is Iqra – Read. We have been innovators for hundreds of years. We have come up with more than a Billions of pivotal and trivial inventions and creations that are applied in everyday life. We emphasize on knowledge.

I. Damn ‘Saude’ Arabia. And their kings. Damn them for bringing an end to the golden progressive age of Islam and ushering the world into an Allied Forces sanctioned oil oriented regressive barbaric and brutal extremist view of Islam.

J. Go read. Go read world history comparatively, from centuries on contemporarily. Know the history of the world. Stop being duped by corporations and hegemonies that run a gazillion dollar conglomerate of chaos and fear to loot us all, us humans to further their nihilistic monetary agendas.

K. Damn to hell your media, Damn to hell my media, Hell with all media. It is a sell out. I am a media involved person and I am ashamed of it because the media is the largest species of spineless invertebrates on this planet. Owned and run and sold by and to private thug business empires, they fool you, confuse you and further the Imperialist agendas.

L. Look at patterns, patterns of how all these mass acts of terror are carried out. Open your eyes before you die. You must not sleep, and must not suffer. You must wake up and know that in the end NATIONALISM, PATRIOTISM AND ALL THE MODERN DAY ‘ISMS’ ARE FASCIST THEOCRATIC CAPITALIST TOOLS TO SUBJUGATE US ALL AND LIVE OFF OUR BLOOD AND TEARS. ITS US VS THEM. HUMANITY VS INHUMANITY. THE 99% VS 1%. The wars they wage are for themselves, not for any of us. We are modern day slaves, all of us.


N. I love you all. If each one of us employed empathy in our lives, with our family, friends, strangers, beasts and everything else. Compassion and selflessness…we would all live in a world without conflict. Its not difficult. Really. It is not at all difficult. difficult. All we need to do is let ourselves accept ourselves, forget our pasts, forget our future and live in a pleasant, present where we do unto others what we would like to be done unto us.

O. Think. Brainstorm. Read. Explore. Step out of the shell, the doctrine, be it from any walk of life.

P. Pardon each other, bear no enmity, bear no revenge. Because each one of us was once an innocent child who got corrupted by the world, the world that is forged by us, our destinies intertwined. We all are broken people looking foe closure and a return to long lost innocence. Hearken to your yearning and let the child in you befriend the children of this earth.

Q. Live and let live. Do not interfere in lives of others unless they are mortally endangearing themselves and others. Let them find their own path, let them be the masters of their fate.

R. REMEMBER. Remember all the fond memories of your solitude, when you were most honest to yourself. Return to that moment, make it your nirvana.

S. Stress. Let go of it. Its the worst enemy. The more you give it importance or try to run away from it the worse it will become and turn itself into an active volcano of spite and anxiety, melting yourself and those around you. All naturally caused diseases start from stress. Its all in the mind. Remember, its all in the mind.

T. Think for yourself. Don’t let the peer pressure manipulate you, for indeed most of us change ourselves due to the pressure around us. If we value ourselves enough, we can be independent of any malignant influence.

U. Accept that you are human and by default designed to err. You are flawed but you can learn from the foolishness of your past ways and forge for yourself a harmonious tomorrow.

V. Approach people with a smile. Do not judge them. Show affection. We all wish we could speak to people without being judged or looked at with queer stares. Be the friend you want people to be to you.

W. Be a temple, together. All of us. A temple of simple acts of care toward each other. We can do it if we will. A small act of selfless can go a long way. Stay humble. Apologize first and fast if its not your mistake. Just forgive yourself. Humility is the most important trait, and without it there is no saint, there is no king, there is no beggar.

X. Let go of expectations. Any expectation will lead to disappointment eventually. Its an immensely strenuous task but not impossible. You can do it. Yes you can!

Y. Do not dwell into the negatives. Negative moments in life are plenty, but they will be outweighed by positives if you are willing to do so. The more you dwell on the slightest negativity, the bigger it gets.

Z. I apologize to you all as well, if I have ever hurt you. I love you all. Love is the strongest emotion there is. It’s the one thing that makes us most humane even in times of sheer monstrosity.

Thank you for reading, if you have made it this far.

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