A Choice.

A Choice.

Well, with the recent malarkey going around I am stating to the fact of this photo monologue,

this applies to my religion too. Abrahamic religions in general.

I shan’t judge you. I stand indifferent. If You’re homosexual and wish to build an alternative sense of family, Do. It’s your choice. I shall not tell anyone not to Or criticize. But I shall also not partake in encouragement or invest my faculties in defence of your action. I shall stand indifferent.

Just like how I dislike Guacamole, but don’t judge or tell anyone not to have Guacamole. Have the Guacamole. Just don’t expect from me to endorse its market. I neither condone nor object, I don’t judge or encourage. I, personally, am a heterosexual and I shall remain steadfast to my decision.

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